Breakfast Point  Men’s Shed
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Last Updated  18th September  2019
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days since Opening Ceremony
Fridays 4:30pm at the Shed
Bike Riders
Tuesdays 9am meet at the shed
Friday 8am at the Country Club
Coffee Morning
Wednesdays 9am at the Shed

Outing details

REMINDER    Next lunch is at Le Moon cafĂ© Wednesday 9/10/2019   12.30pm  We have a set Tia menu $30 pp BYO
I will get numbers & start collecting money next Wednesday 18/9/2019.
Also on Saturday 30th November 2019 we will be having members & partners dinner   Venue Breakfast Point Country Club cost $60 pp
Please try and get along to this dinner  Check out refurbishment at the same time
Have a great weekend
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